Ultimate Conditioning Health and Fitness is now looking to expand on the pilot lifestyle transformation program offered in 2017. 

In October 2017, we promoted a pilot lifestyle transformation program aimed at improving the health, fitness, and overall lifestyle of two individuals within the the Bacchus Marsh community. We are looking to expand the program into other areas in surrounding communities, and beyond. 

The process called for expressions of interest from individuals who felt they needed a kick start in their health and fitness journey. The pilot program aimed to help individuals create changes using basic education, training, and diet related concepts whilst providing ongoing support to aid in the implementation of concepts learnt throughout the process. 

The program was initially offered to two willing participants. However, due to the unexpectedly high amount of application received, 6 individuals were invited to participate in the program.

As creatures of habits, the vast amount of the community have a lot of bad habits which directly influence their current lifestyle.

Your body is a reflection of what you do most. If your lifestyle is made up of; largely; bad habits, your body will reflect this.

We want to show people how much of an effect making small realistic lifestyle changes can have on their health, fitness, and overall well being.

The lifestyle transformation will be based around the participants implementing basic lifestyle modifications aimed at improving their current diet, exercise, and lifestyle habits.

At Ultimate Conditioning Health and Fitness, we aim to educate people, create independence, whilst creating habits that can be implemented well into the future.

As easy as this may seem, this can be an extremely difficult process. 

We want to show people the power of education in maintaining a balanced, and healthy lifestyle.

The lifestyle transformation process will involve education around basic training, and diet related concepts as well as methods to help implement the concepts learnt throughout the educational process.

The program will also be individually modified to suit the needs, family/ work commitments, and time constraints associated with each participant. Therefore what each individual program looks like will be different based upon the circumstance of each participant.

We want to change the misconceptions surrounding the difficulties of making realistic and lasting lifestyle changes.

The program includes:

- Weekly phone calls to track, and discuss progress

- On going education around understanding food and food labelling

- One training session per week/ fortnight/ month (individual availability dependent) at our training facilty in Bacchus Marsh

If you think this program might be for you, or you would like to find out more about what is invloved, please send through a submission form (via the contact us section of the website) with your name, contact details, information about yourself, or any information you deem necessary.