My goal as a trainer is to help clients improve their health and fitness. However, I must be honest the fitness part is what I love the most. It’s where the action happens. Although I love to train people and help them realise how hard they can really work, doing it in the right way is extremely important. The three word motto that is located within my Ultimate Conditioning logo; Capacity, Power and Efficiency; help guide me in developing programs in the safest possible manner as it determines what I try and build on first as a trainer.


This is what we train first. Here it is simple, we want to focus on volume training. Simple cardiovascular long duration training, and high repetition strength training, are the primary focus. Increasing fitness, and tolerance to training is the priority.


Once capacity has been established we aim to improve how we go about furthering our fitness. This usually is achieved by increasing the intensity we are working at. Lifting our work rate so that we are doing more work in the amount of time availabile is where our focus shifts to next.


The final goal is to imporve how efficiently we do things. Obviously nothing we do will be done without correct technique and execution, however once capacity and power have been established, we want to ensure the work the athletes are completing is done so in the most energy conserving manner.

How we go about establishing capacity, developing power and improving efficiency is something you need to experience to appreciate.