Trent will help your training to achieve muscle growth.

Programmes to help you lose weight and gain fitness.

Refine your approach to get the most out of your training.

Perfect for those who can't make it in person.



Want to build muscle, we can build muscle. Need to get fit for an event, we can tailor a program geared towards you achieving that goal. If weight loss is what is necessary, we will provide you with a program that will help address the lifestyle issues that might be holding you back. If you can’t get to our gym in person, let us train you remotely via with our online training option.

What makes Ultimate Conditioning Health and Fitness different from the rest is our program structure. Training groups are simply time allocations. Within each session every single person training within the gym could be doing a totally different program. People may be doing similar exercises, however very rarely are two people completing exactly the same session. This allows for targeted fitness goals to be achieved. The three word motto that is located within our Ultimate Conditioning logo; Capacity, Power, and Efficiency; help guide us in developing programs in the safest and most effective way to help our trainees achieve the results they desire.




We offer training sessions 6 days week from our purpose built premises in Bacchus Marsh. Our schedule provides the flexibility to train early in the morning, or in the afternoon or evening.



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As the old saying goes...’a picture paints a thousand words’. ••• But in the world of strength and conditioning, athletic performance, and health and fitness, a picture is only a snap shot of what is being done. ••• Trying to emulate the feats of others will, more often than not, end in failure. ••• At @ultimateconditioning, programs are based on the individual, their needs, their lifestyle, their limitations, and their abilities. ••• Know the how. ••• Understand the why. ••• Experience the difference. ••• #capacitypowerefficiency

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More often than not it is as simple as picking the ball up, and throwing the ball down. ••• It doesn’t need to be that complicated. ••• Experience the difference. ••• #capacitypowerefficiency

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Super pumped to have @njb05 join me in the gym this morning. ••• I have a love/hate relationship working with this man basically because I know what I’m getting when we step onto the playing field together. ••• Today’s pain: Build to a heavy hang clean, then complete 20 sets each of 10 x hang power cleans @ 65% of heavy weight + 150m row. ••• Brutal. ••• #capacitypowerefficiency #concept2rower #ironedge



  • Starter
  • 4 weeks of training for
    $ 90.99
  • 1 Session Per Week
  • just $22.75 per week
  • Results
  • 4 weeks of training for
    $ 165.99
  • 3 Sessions Per Week
  • just $41.50 per week
  • Best Value
  • 4 weeks of training for
    $ 210.99
  • 4 Sessions Per Week
  • just $52.75 per week

For our first time clients starting their training journey, please call Trent on 0423 813 599 to confirm your placement prior to payment of the training session fees.

  • Ultimate Conditioning Says

    Consistency builds good habits. ••• Inconsistency builds bad habits. ••• Be consistently consistent. ••• Experience the difference.

  • Ultimate Conditioning Says

    Complexity can often be a major determinant of success or failure. ••• Simple tasks executed with intent and focus will give greater bang for buck than complex tasks done incorrectly. ••• Don't underestimate how complex simplicity can be.

  • Ultimate Conditioning Says

    Never underestimate the progress you can make while staying in one place. ••• Ultimate Conditioning. Capacity. Power. Efficiency.

  • Ultimate Conditioning Says

    The simple things are generally the most effective. ••• Build your base fitness.

  • Ultimate Conditioning Says

    No gimmicks. No tricks. ••• Do the basics well. ••• Training. Nutrition. Hard work.