Ultimate Conditioning's Sport Physiotherapy service helps get you back to performance and function. We use evidence based methods to help diagnose, treat, and rehabilitate injuries in a timely manner and to minimise the risk of re-injury.

During Ultimate Conditioning's Sport Physiotherapy sessions you can expect: 

• To have a detailed discussion relating to your current injury concern

•  We use Vald Performance technologies (ForceDecks, NordBord, DynaMo) to help diagnose, and accurately assess your injury, as well as to help guide our decision making in relation to the management of your injury

• Help you understand your injury and what is required for you to get you back to being pain free, functional and performing at your best

• Provide any required hands on treatment

• Prescribe you with any required rehabilitation exercises to help get you stronger, and rebuild your confidence in the affected area

Ultimate Conditioning's Sport Physiotherapy uses a session-by-session approach to resolving acute and chronic injury concerns.

UC Member price:

Initial assessment – 60 minutes - $85
Review treatment – 30 minutes - $75

Non-member price:

Initial assessment – 60 minutes - $95
Review treatment – 30 minutes - $85