Step 3: Implement strategies that will promote sustained improvements, enhance your confidence to make the right decisions, and expand your physical potential for life.

Achieving what you want to achieve is simple. You need to have a plan. Follow it. And repeat. Although this is simple in theory, many people fall at one of two hurdles: either not having a plan, or non-compliance to a plan. This step aims to minimise the likelihood of you tripping up on the same hurdles that stops others in their tracks. You will walk away from this 60 minute one on one session with focused goals, a plan working towards achieving these goals, and essential KPI’s to keep you accountable to what it is you are setting out to achieve. This step is an optional service offered on top of Ultimate Conditioning Health and Fitness’s Youth Athletic Development Program and Strength and Conditioning Program. It comes with a 100% money back guarantee, of the cost associated with this step, that you will achieve the results you want if you are compliant to the plan and it’s KPI’s.